The Catalyst:  3 month mentorship 

Are you ready to...

  • Release old patterns of scarcity that are holding you back from true success?
  • Learn how to set good boundaries to keep yourself clear, moving forward with focus? 
  • Learn how to cultivate an attitude of abundance in the way you speak, and in your actions?  
  • Activate a deeper connection to your galactic guides and spirit allies, brining them on board as advisors and mentors in your business?
  • Learn all of my special methods of manifestation, and how to integrate them seamlessly into your life?  
  • Learn how your astrology can give you clarity and guidance in your business?  
  • Stand tall as a spiritual leader and increase your influence at this pivotal time?
  • Learn how to use social media as a tool for rapid spiritual growth in yourself and in building your community?  
  • Learn how to leverage your spiritual connection to guide your business, and create a life that feels authentic and inspiring for you and your community?

Excellent.  The time is now.  We need you.

Over the years, I have seen the most profound results when I work with my clients in this 3 month format.  The energy of the number 3 is that of the catalyst, it's a playful and joyful energy - very powerful!  I created The Catalyst program in order to make a sacred space for us to explore and grow together.  Using this format, I have seen amazing transformations in my client's lives.  If you are called to my work, you are an old soul, here to create powerful change for yourself and all of humanity.  My clients are creatives, entrepreneurs, authors, designers, visionaries, and people just like you, who crave that feeling of living in alignment with their Soul Purpose, and letting their MAGIC out!

What People Are Saying...

The flexibility and dynamism of this program allows magic to transpire. So many programs are so written in stone, that they write out of the playbook untapped potential, individualism, freedom..... Rachel is wonderful at guiding the form of sessions and the medicine you need as it unfolds in the present now moment. And it incorporates SO much.... healing, astrology, financial planning, manifestation, art, meditation, sorcery, strategic business advising.... More real and more mystical simply does not exist. It’s coaching delivered in the Starseed language! I have found clarity of my purpose, my energy expressed through color and archetypes and a profound acceptance and compassion for myself. I feel more confident about standing up and using my voice and innate gifts. I am quicker to catch any excuses or fears that creep up, and I now have a greater toolkit on what to do if I feel discomfort about working my magic. This place of connection, acceptance and stillness is just where I want to be to unleash my voice and service into the world. Its like I was standing on the other side of the threshold of the life I imagined for myself, the Catalyst program and Rachael have brought me to the door.
— Clare de Ruiz, Healer, Meditator, Artist, Student, Teacher, Cancun, Mexico
The biggest change that I have noticed from working with Rachael is a deep sense of calm and peace in myself and with my work. I remember to breathe when I am feeling anxiety, and to bring myself out of it. My to do list often feels overwhelming, but I feel the bigger picture now with so much gratitude. I am more brave about sharing my own story on social media, and not creating such a separation between business and my personal life. I am playing with my energetic signature, and creating a style that resonates with what I am attracting.
— Amy Rudometkin, Real Estate Agent, Maui
It felt like Rachael was my big (spiritual) sister! I learned so much from her. She is such an inspiration to me with respect to the importance of living your truth and following your heart. That being said, she wasn’t afraid to bring out the tough love when it came down to it, especially with my negative self talk. I loved how The Catalyst was totally personalized to me, meeting me where I was at while still pushing me deeper. I appreciate that she wasn’t just trying to mold me into her! I felt like she were totally present with me in each session, and I gained a strength from that. I have been known to lose focus and flake out halfway through other coaching programs, but I felt fully motivated to do my homework and actually tune into myself for once. I was genuinely sad when it was over. It was the first coaching program that I’ve done where I fully trusted the investment right off the bat!
— Laura Hughes, writer, soul seeker, founder of, Toronto, Canada

   In this 3 month Transformational Experience you will receive:

  • Five private 75 minute Astrology + Coaching Video Sessions.
  • Five private 30 min Coaching calls.
  • An audio & video recording of your Astrology sessions emailed to you for your reference throughout the program.
  • Dietary & Physical recommendations throughout our time together.
  • Text & email support between sessions.  

Month 1 - Weekly Schedule:  

  • 75 min Astrology + Coaching Video Session
  • 30 min Coaching Call
  • 75 min Astrology + Coaching Video Sessio n
  • 30 min Coaching Call

Month 2 - Weekly Schedule: 

  • Integration Week
  • 75 min Astrology + Coaching Video Sessio n
  • 30 min Coaching Call
  • 75 min Astrology + Coaching Video Sessio n

Month 3 - Weekly Schedule: 

  • Integration Week
  • 30 min Coaching Call
  • 75 min Astrology + Coaching Video Session
  • 30 min Coaching Call

Let your magic out

The program begins with intensive support in the first month, and then tapers off to light support in the third month.  Think of it like quantum training wings - I want you to be able to FLY on your own at the end of our work together.

In the 75 min Astrology + Coaching Sessions we get to play, and I allow my intuition to guide the session completely. We might do a shamanic healing meditation, say affirmations, or connect to your guides .  In the 30 min Coaching Calls are more of a spiritual strategy session where we really get into the nuts and bolts of what you're working on.  

You'll have clear actionable steps to move you forward after every session.  

I've found the combination of the right / left brain approach of intuition / strategy to work almost like a pulley system - a little here, and a little there - keeping the momentum moving forward in a multidimensional way that your brain thinks it understands - and that's why it allows the body to do it's magic

The medicine of The Catalyst isn't just dispensed when we are together in our sessions or on the phone. Once you decide to make the commitment, taking the next step on the path to offering the highest contribution of your Soul's Purpose, the magic starts to flow and the transformations start to occur everywhere!

What people are saying...

I love that Rachael calls it like it is. I love that she is unafraid to go to the edges of the cosmos, but that she is also so firmly planted in this physical reality. Every moment of working with Rachael felt safe and guided, but also like a totally brazen adventure that we both had signed up for a one way ticket on, knowing that we would not be the same at the end of the journey, and that the journey never ends. Rachael is timeless and universal. Her knowledge across different spiritual paths, studies, and deities is so deep and pure, unclouded by her opinion, because she is constantly engaging from a place of truth & trust in her divine wisdom. She holds the container so I feel safe to go to the extremes, to go to the uncomfortable places, but all the while this beautiful soft pillowy cloak of integrity kept us safe, warm, and connected at the heart. That is where the true transformation happens and I love that she knows how to create that space.
— Amanda, Senior UX Designer, San Francisco
The Catalyst was the perfect blend that I needed of spiritual teaching, and I loved that Rachael didn’t let me play small! Its exactly what I was looking for to move myself through feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. Being activated with unconditional love has changed the way I see myself, my partner and the World! While things can look dark at times, the transformation I have gone through with Rachael allows me to manage these times with grace and love. I feel very grateful to be released of judging other people and myself.
— Jessica Sage, Mystical Feminine Leadership, Waikiki, Hawaii
Since our time together, the amount of change and transformation that has occurred in my life and in my business has been immeasurable. I have completely stepped out of the magic closet. I embrace who I am more and more each day and I feel more in alignment with my truth than I ever have. Rachael provided a safe space for me to explore and navigate this magical world of spirituality. I have established an insanely supportive tribe of fellow lightworkers that I can go to anytime I need support and healing. I now see how much my magic is needed and can’t wait to put more of it out there every single day!
— Brittany Chaplin, Intuitive Healer and Guide, Oskaloosa, KS
I honestly feel like I am able to recognize unneeded drama and negative energy, and I have the ability to honor myself more by surrounding myself with my own beautiful energy and light. A lot has changed, I feel completely new and rejuvenated. I’ve learned how to respect myself more, how to respect and honor others, and started a path were I am learning to trust my higher self and say YES when I want to say yes and NO when I want to say no.
— Jenna Mingledorff, White Magic Witch, Healer, Florida


This program is one of my favorites.  Over the years, I’ve seen powerful transformations occur for my clients.  In this 3 month container, I’ve seen people launch a business, leave their job, get married, get engaged, or publish a book!  One thing is for sure -there is something about this work that is very very magical.  

Getting Started

I work very closely with my clients and their businesses, so I am very selective about who I choose work with.  It is important that we are a good match. I want to make sure that you are deeply committed to your journey, and excited about the shifts and changes that it entails.  By choosing to share your creative gifts with the world, you have signed up for the most powerful transformational experience of your life, and I believe you deserve the very best support and guidance on your journey. I want to make sure that I can provide value to your creative path and your business.  

  • Do you believe that you are inspiring, or have an inspiring mission to share with the world?
  • Are you making, or ready to make, a huge impact?
  • Do you feel like you are fun to work with?
  • Are you ready to unravel the challenges you currently face?
  • Do you understand the power of commitment?

If you feel like you are a "Hell Yes" to each of the questions above, then let's have a chat and see if we both feel resonant and excited about combining forces in service to your dreams.  

I want us to both get the most from our work together, so I love setting aside an entire hour for us to get to know each other.  We'll dive deep into where you want to go in your life, what challenges you're facing, and how we can discover creative solutions to increase the impact you have in the world.  Click here and let me know you're interested and we'll get you all set up.

Investing in yourself can bring up a lot of stuff, which is good!  All of it is part of taking your life to the next level, and I am right here to support you. Use this link to email us to set up a 60 minute call and we can go over all the details together.  Most people only do 30 minute calls, but I know the depth and importance of this work. I want to honor your journey and make sure this is a good fit for both of us.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

What People Are Saying... 

Since working with Rachael I have gotten really clear on who I am, how to create a life I love living, and how to use my gifts in a way that financially supports me and helps bring value to others. Now I’m charging my worth, really being clear about what I am offering and where I’m heading with my business. Rachael’s vibe and energy is amazing. Each session left me feeling super clear, excited, and filled with energy to get moving with my life and business. I loved the clarity that I received through talking to her, and every session felt like going on adventure! I never knew where we would end up and it was awesome!
— Courtney Allen, Psychic Tarot Reader, Wollongong, Australia
Courtney Allen The Witchy Moon
I am so grateful Rachael entered my life a few years ago. She has literally changed my life!!! She has helped me on my path for my soul’s greater purpose and expression. I literally feel like I am re-wiring on a very deep level. Many things I was taught as a child no longer serve me. Some of the pressures of my everyday life no longer serve me and are simply an illusion about importance. Rachael continues to teach me to realize who I am really am and not let others define me. This is such a gift and I cannot thank her enough! The work she does is 100% amazing and I totally support her on her journey as well.
— Shannon Griffin, Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA
I LOVE that Rachael encouraged my expression and gave me space to play in that realm without judgment. The energetic hygiene was so important for me to understand. Rachael encouraged my sovereignty and helped me see where I had poor boundaries. I am thankful that she recognized my deeply rooted fear of being killed for expressing myself and gave me the permission to move forward. Now I am more comfortable to take on the role as a business woman, and express my gifts.
— Megan Carl, Maya Mystical ET Shaman, San Diego, CA
Since beginning my work with Rachael, I have developed a strong inner strength, confidence and optimism, and an ability to go with the flow & not make both life & business decisions from a place of survival or desperation. Now I am able to recognize when I am being tested and to stay on my path. I still get wobbly sometimes, but my recovery is faster, and I no longer make decisions based on being knocked off my solid footing. I can recognize it, explore it, recover, and move on without it interfering with my business or happiness. I LOVE the feelings of positivity and optimism that result in our work. I always end sessions feeling resolved, relaxed and ready to face what lies ahead.
— Lisa Anderson Shaffer, Artist & Entrepreneur, Fairfax CA