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Remembering Lemuria Online Course

We each hold an important piece of the puzzle of remembering.  Hidden within your DNA are new insights, understandings, ways of living in harmony with each other and with this mysterious, magical world.  Who are you really?  What have you come here to share as your sacred offering?  Can you see beyond the illusion?  Things are not as you have been told.  You have come here at this time to be a part of a powerful shift to initiate collective healing on a galactic level.  

Your heart remembers who you really are and what you have come here to do.  We are the ones who hold the keys to the new reality.  Only by remembering and reclaiming our past can we create the world we all long to see.  

Remember your starseed lineage.  Dive deeper.  Reclaim your galactic inheritance.   Remember.  All that you need is inside you. 

Eclipse Portal Activations 

We are in it.  Everyone can feel it.  The initiations and downloads are coming through strong.  You can feel it in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, and in your psyche.  We are going through a collective upgrade.  It shows up differently for everyone.  I am being called to offer 8 Sound Healing transmissions during this Eclipse Portal...

Music to Help You Remember Who You Are


You have hidden talents, gifts, wisdom, and healing abilities lying dormant in your DNA.  You have this sense that you are here for great things, but you don't quite have all the pieces yet.  Remembering Lemuria is designed to help you awaken those ancient-future memories that are slumbering within you.  Remember your starseed lineage.  Reclaim your galactic inheritance.  Contains Meditones to enhance your meditation experience.

Video Courses


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