Thank you for sharing your world with me.  

It has been my deepest honor to serve and guide you along your path at this pivotal time in your life.  

Through our work together, you've seen & felt the transformations in your body, and in your life.  You've had the powerful "aha!" moments when everything fell into place.  We have been through challenges and struggles that have called your soul into deeper evolution, and you have moved from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly time and time again.  And it has all been so beautiful.    

I really appreciate you taking the time to reflect on your experience so that others can benefit & I can help others just like you.  

These 8 questions will help me get clear on what is working for you, help you see how far you've come, and allow others to really get an inside view on our magical, transformational work together!  
Thank you from the depth of my heart. <3  

The Catalyst Review Questions