We Are Remembering 

Do you remember the time when we communed with the water, using our voices to sing to it, create with it, heal with it, learn about the stars from it?  Do you have flashes of a time when we lived harmoniously with one another, the plants, and danced with the sacred rhythms of the Earth?  Do you long to return to a time where we can communicate with the elements, the faeries, and build healing temples with our collective intention?

The Time is Now:  We are the Dreamers and We are Awakening 

We are slowly rising from the long slumber of forgetting, wiping the dust from our eyes, and beginning to ask questions that have never been asked before.  Who are you, and why have you come here?  Why have you been asleep for so long?  The time has come to lift the veil, and to remember who we really are.  Now we are to become the conscious dreamers, tuning into the collective, remembering our gifts, weaving and dreaming a new reality into being.  We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

Why Now?  

For some time now we have been navigating the waters of change.  Current events continue to push us into the edges of our comfort zones.  Many are beginning to ask: where is this all going? How do we get back to "normal"?  There is no clear path before us, so perhaps we can look to the stars for guidance.  In astrology the stars at the top of your chart represent where you are going in this life, however, you cannot ascend to grasp your higher vision without first diving into the bottom of the chart to retrieve the hidden treasures there.  It's like a giant cosmic slingshot.  In order to go up, you first have to go down.  

And where is down?  

In this metaphor, down is into the past, and for our adventure we are specifically interested in retrieving the treasures from the ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, and any other timelines that resonate with the myth of an advanced civilization and a sinking island.  For the sake of this course we are calling this vibration Lemuria.  

The ancient civilization of Lemuria held, what we would call now, a futuristic vibration.  "As ancient Lemurians, we came to Earth from various star systems to bring the Pure Light of Love.  We chose to come to a predominantly water-covered Earth because our bodies were more subtle than physical, and it was easier for us to integrate into the environment here." (Redwood 7). We lived in harmony with the Earth, and developed many beneficial technologies, systems of architecture, and ways of relating and raising children.  

There came a time when the Lemurian frequencies could not be maintained and the continent sank into the ocean.  There are many different stories about how and why this happened.  Our intention for our journey in this program is to retrieve the parts of ourselves that can be the most beneficial for us and our communities at this time, and to find practical methods for bringing these gifts forward.  We are not looking to figure out the mystery of the sinking island, or who's fault it was.  We are looking for the parts of ourselves that are the wise ones, the healers, the artists, the benevolent inventors & scientists, and the peacekeepers, and asking these parts of ourselves to teach us to remember. 

By joining us for this adventure you might remember an invention for clean energy, and idea for a sustainable financial system, new instruments, new ways of healing, new ways of relating to one another, and new ways of parenting the starseeds that walk among us.  If you are getting chills reading these words, this is your cellular structure confirming that this is Truth.  Trust your body to guide you.  All that you need is inside of you.  What is hidden in the depths of your being that is longing to be free?

There has never been an adventure like this before.  

In my experience of being called to move to Maui, and allowing myself to be completely transformed by the experience, I have discovered things about myself that I never would have believed were possible.  I have remembered how to sing in a particular way, and this was catalyzed through consciously inviting my Lemurian lifetimes to speak to me.  Through this singing I discovered my gifts as a sound healer, and now I serve the sacred medicine of sound and song to people from all over the world.  We all have gifts that are sleeping within us, and they are when remembered and shared, we can bring greater abundance to ourselves and others, so that we may continue to serve.  By transforming our own lives, and remembering who we really are, we can transform the lives of those around us and bring great healing to our planet.  

- Rachael Webb

“Each and everyone of you is going to have to know that your life is about something as you begin to remember your role. You yourself chose to be here. You are on assignment to bring memory forward and to bring the value of human existence back to the forefront of creation. You are needed. You have been training for this assignment for lifetimes and you did not come unprepared. All that you need to know is already inside of you. It is your task to remember your training.”
 -The Pleiadian High Council (via Barbara Marciniak)

Your Guides


Rachael Webb is an internationally known Sound Healer and Spiritual Business Mentor.  Her sacred songs of awakening activate the remembrance of hidden wisdom, gifts, and talents we carry from past or parallel lifetimes.  

Rachael has a special gift for seeing the latent potential in someone and providing the most appropriate experience to activate this potential.  She is passionate about empowering those who have come to create  innovative solutions during this time of shift on our planet. 

Rachael is a clairsentient Lemurian Priestess, Certified Heart Math Mentor, a Doctor of Metaphysics, with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In 2014 she was called to relocate to Maui, Hawaii, where she has been remembering her Lemurian lineage and transmitting these frequencies worldwide.  


Lizzie Rae Rose is a healer and a writer from San Francisco where she anchors the Lemurian vibration from nearby Mount Shasta. She is an ambassador for the faerie realm, rewilding ascension teachings through nature consciousness. She serves a worldwide clientele through individual sessions and group programs, helping women awaken their magick and innate healing abilities. She is also the founder of the Awake Woman apothecary, a line of flower essence remedies for spiritual awakening.

Her healing style is a special blend of flower essence therapy, channeling, intuitive counseling, and ceremony. Prior to starting her healing practice, she earned her B.A. in Italian Literature from Yale and worked for Google in engineering.


Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist.  She is a mentor in the art of voice and song craft, working with those passionate about discovering their sound codes and bringing them to life in songwriting.

Learn more about Marya and her bonus offering here.

Kirsten Schubel is an intuitive Healer & Light worker, with a vast knowledge of Colour and how it reflects and supports the Architecture of the Soul. She is an Aura-Soma Practitioner helping others to awaken their Divine Blueprint, with Colour and Light Therapy, supporting and empowering them to become ALL that their Soul came here to be this life. Kirsten is a proud ambassador for the Lemurian frequencies and Teal vibrations that emit from her home in Kingscliff, Australia.  


Just Added!  Bonus with Marya Stark

We have been dreaming of you and this adventure for so long.

Dive in.  Let the information wash over you.  Discover how your cellular structure, voice, astrological chart, dreams, water, plants, crystals, colors - all have hidden information to share with you.  Everything you need is right inside you. 

Our Journey


Thirteen weeks of remembering.  Whether you are just starting on the path to dive into your memories, or you've been connecting with your past and future selves for some time now, it's always beneficial to create a safe container to do this kind of work.  It's very much like going diving in the ocean - you need to make sure you have the right gear. 

foundations for remembering

Real talk: opening up to aspects of yourself and reality that you might not have considered before can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed to outside influences - seen or unseen.  That is why we are going to work together to set up clear boundaries for our journeys, and discuss tools to help you navigate and integrate your discoveries.  

  • Feeling Safe to Explore
    • Setting up "Office Hours" 
    • Navigating through lower vibration memories
    • Permission to Release
    • Traversing linear concepts and collapsing timelines
    • Co-remembering and Shared Memories
    • Staying Anchored in your Sovereignty

The gaia connection 

In Lemuria we lived in deep harmony with all of creation, and this relationship is still available to us today.  The vibration of Lemuria is still encoded into the Earth and is accessible if we make space for it.  Remembering your connection to the Earth will help to keep you grounded and clear, and can open you to the magic and synchronicity that is always trying to communicate with us!

  • Communicating with Life
    • Honoring and inviting the faeries and energies of places / objects to play
    • Making the Mundane Sacred
    • Daily Practices for Connection 

Meditations with Gaia + Rachael's Channelled Light Language Tones: Ocean Waves, Rainbow Waterfall, Crystalline Pools, Jungle Life, Sacred Stones
(Recorded from sacred places all over Maui.  For more about how Rachael remembered these tones click here

The Many layers of remembering

with Rachael webb

Diving into the space of connecting to other experiences is a multi-layered exploration.  They say the best place to hide something is in plain sight, so our work begins in our bodies. 

Your body is an incredible resource for accessing your Lemurian connections.  Encoded into your bones and every single one of your cells, is all of the wisdom that you carry from your time in Lemuria.  

The simple act of remembering your dreams is a gateway to remembering your Lemurian lifetimes.  The dreamworld invites us to relate to our visions through symbol and metaphor - and has much in common with the watery world of ancient times.  

Once we've explored our connection to our own bodies and dreams, we begin to move outside of ourselves.  The physical world around us - sacred sites, crystals, stones, water, plants - all want to connect with us. In remembering how to listen, we can receive their ancient wisdom and listen to their tales of ancient times.  

It's time to remember. 

Multidimensional remembering 

  • Your Body is Remembering 
    • Connecting to Your Heart
    • Connecting to the Grids
    • Staying Present 
  • Working with Your Dreams
    • Inviting Dream Connections
    • Entering into the World of Symbols
    • Beginning to Interpret Your Dreams
  • Opening to Receive
    • Working with Crystals, Stones & Water
    • The Magical Art of Listening
    • Learning Other Languages

Sound Healing Meditations
Meditation: Reconnect to Your Multidimensional Body
Meditation: Initiate Dream Connections
Meditation: Opening Your Ears

Lemurian Water Alchemy

with lizzie Rae rose


Water alchemy was the foremost form of medicine in Lemuria. As a water-based civilization, water was given the highest respect, both as a medicinal substance, an element, and as a teacher par excellence. 

When you work with water with reverence and sanctity, remembering in your heart the ancient yet timeless ceremonies you danced in Lemuria, you activate the healing potential of holy water that exists within your own body.

When you bless water and honor water as a teacher, you bless your body and this planet as your teacher.

Finally, when you remember your abilities to program water as subtle healing medicine, you awaken the magic that has always been within you. You remember water as a source of inner power and inner strength. 

It is time to remember. 

Foundations of the Lemurian Pharmacy

  • Basic Principles  
    • How to communicate with nature / channel the elements
    • Guides and Mentors for Lemurian Water Alchemy
    • Lemurian Materia Medica
  • Techniques
    • How to make prayer, flower, and crystal essences
  • Advanced Techniques
    • How to create formulas
    • How to research essences
    • Next steps and resources

Meditation: Connect to your Lemurian Plant Ally
Meditation: Remembering Lifetimes as a Lemurian Water Priestess or Priest

remembering Your Connection to the stars

with Rachael webb

As above so below.  The Universe speaks to us in symbols and metaphor, and is often reflective.  Therefore, in remembering our connection to the watery continent of Lemuria, it is important for us to look to the stars for guidance. 

In ancient Lemurian times we were intrinsically connected to the sky, and your astrological birth chart holds keys to helping you to understand clues you have left for yourself along the way.  

When we learn to dance with the planets and stars in our birth charts, and in our daily lives, we reconnect to ourselves as conscious participants in the Divine Plan.  Learning where to look in your chart for clues about your Lemurian lineage is empowering and validating - often offering explanations for why we feel so drawn to this frequency. 

It's time to remember. 

remembering your lemurian star lines

Press play.  Artwork by Forging Mind, music by Rachael Webb 


  • Astrology Basics 
    • Planets
    • Signs 
    • Houses
  • Hidden Keys
    • Signs that point to your Lemurian Lineage
    • Clues in the Planets & Houses 
  • Advanced Astrology
    • Asteroids & Fixed Stars
    • More resources


Multiple Sound Healing Meditations: Invoking the Planets as Spirit Guides

The Colours of Lemuria

with Kirsten Schubel


Lemuria was a magical vibrant light-filled colourful paradise, of the highest vibrational colours: Green, Turquoise, Blue, Royal Blue/Indigo, Violet/Purple, Magenta, and metallics like Gold & Silver, Opalescent and Pearlescent colours.

Colour helps us to connect to our Lemurian lives. When we surround ourselves with the colours of Lemuria we re-awaken to the abilities we possessed in these lifetimes.

How can we bring these colours into our daily lives, or whenever we feel called to? Recognising how we are already bringing these colours into our energy field.


It's time to remember. 

remembering your Lemurian essence through Colour

  • Activating your colourful lights (chakras) + your soul’s unique colours to awaken your Lemurian gifts into your being today.
    • Understanding the role that your Soul Star Chakra plays in Remembering. 
    • Journey into the Self, and dealing with any challenges or fears that may arise.
    • Colour essences / vibrational medicine to support the remembering of your abilities from Lemuria. 
    • How to recognise your own unique colours. 
  • The Turquoise Factor
    • What is the resonance of the colour turquoise with Lemuria?
    • Why the colour Turquoise is a key factor in remembering your I AM.
    • The vibration of fun, love, joy, and peace.

Written Meditation: ‘Light up your Lights' (chakras)
Meditation : A Turquoise Journey

Bringing Heaven to earth

Live video session with rachael webb

It's all well and good to do these deep dives into our psyches to remember our lifetimes in Lemuria, but what are we going to DO with this information?  In receiving the gift of remembering, we are asked to use this information for the benefit of all beings and become agents of transformation and positive change in the world.  In our final session, we'll discuss next steps for practically applying all of the information you've been learning over the past several weeks, and collaborating together to create Heaven on Earth. 

  • Becoming agents for positive change
  • Integration practices
  • Ideas for collaboration
  • Building community
Believe nothing! Entertain possibilities!
— Caroline Casey

What is included

  • A 13 week adventure into remembering your past and parallel experiences from Lemurian lifetimes, facilitated by Rachael, Lizzie, and Kirsten. 
    • Dates of the course: December 5th, 2017 - February 28th, 2018
  • Lifetime access to 14 video sessions ranging from 20-60 minutes.  All video content is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and re-watch whenever you like.  
  • New video content and meditations will be released every week on Tuesday from December 5th, 2017 - February 19th, 2018. 
    • **Due to the Christmas holiday on the week of December 25th, video content & meditations will be released on the 27th.
  • Over 15 downloadable audio meditations that you can listen to whenever and wherever you like.  
  • Six LIVE 90 minute Discuss & Process video sessions with Rachael
    • Video sessions occur every other Wednesday at 4pm PS T/ 7pm EST, beginning December 13th, 2017.
    • **Due to the Christmas Holiday on the week of the 25th the Discuss & Process call will occur on the 28th.  Lizzie and Kristen will also be present for the corresponding video call after their content has been released.  
  • One LIVE 60 minute Integration video session with Rachael on February 28th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST. 
  • All video sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our Private Member Area.  
  • Lifetime access to our Private Member Area.  
  • Lifetime access to our Private Facebook Community.  Here you will receive support from Rachael, Lizzie, and Kirsten. They will be available to answer questions and support you in your remembering process.  

The Remembering Lemuria online course is the first part of The Lemurian School of Remembering, and is a prerequisite for advancing when the second part of the program is offered in the spring of 2018. 

Bonus! Remembering Lemuria Digital Download Meditone Album

Remembering Lemuria is a digital download designed to help you awaken those ancient-future memories that are slumbering within you. Read more about the album and how Rachael remembered how to sing this way here.  

When listened to with headphonesRemembering Lemuria stimulates Theta brainwaves which are the gateway to your spiritual connection with the Universe.  Theta brainwaves give us access to detailed visualizations, ancient future memories, intuition and insight that is usually beyond our normal conscious awareness. 

Bonus! Lemurian Vocal Empowerment Meditation 

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. A founding member of Scarlet Crow, she is a storyteller, an oracle bard, and muse of creation. When she is not on stage or creating art, Marya offers her medicine as a Musical Midwife, supporting the Archetypal Embodiment Journey of her apprentices. She is a mentor in the art of voice and song craft, working with those passionate about discovering their sound codes and bringing them to life in songwriting. Steeped in the alchemical arts of womb clearing, she currently leads her 'Voice Of My Womb' vocal enrichment workshop series globally and online. She is a chaser of waterfalls, and rememberer of the songs of the sapphire creation codes. 

Marya is offering a vocal empowerment meditation, a practice using the voice to strengthen the song lines of the lineages of the soul, including those that go back to the realms of the Lemurian frequencies.  


I AM Ready to Remember

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It is an honor to respect your privacy.

Come with me on this grand adventure.  We each hold an important piece of the puzzle of remembering.  Hidden within your DNA are new insights, understandings, ways of living in harmony with each other and with this mysterious, magical world.  Who are you really?  What have you come here to share as your sacred offering?  Can you see beyond the illusion?  Things are not as you have been told.  You have come here at this time to be a part of a powerful shift to initiate collective healing on a galactic level.  

Your heart remembers who you really are and what you have come here to do.  We are the ones who hold the keys to the new reality.  Only by remembering and reclaiming our past can we create the world we all long to see.  

Remember your starseed lineage.  Dive deeper.  Reclaim your galactic inheritance.   Remember.  All that you need is inside you. 

It's time to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When does the course start?
A: The course starts on Tuesday December 5th, 2017.  We will be dreaming and remembering together for 13 weeks, with our final integration call on Wednesday February 28th, 2018.  

Q:  Is this a Live course?
A:  Yes and no.  There are 14 pre-recorded video segments that will be released every Tuesday between December 5th, 2017 and February 20th, 2018.  You will also receive over 15 downloadable audio meditations during this time.  The Live Discuss & Process calls happen every other week beginning on December 13th, 2017.  Please see the course details above for exceptions around the Christmas holidays.  

Q:  Will the Live calls be recorded if I can't make it?
A:  Yes.  The recordings will be uploaded to our private member area within 24-48 hours.  

Q:  I'm nervous about remembering past life stuff.  I've heard/experienced some scary things of times I've been killed before.  
A:  I totally hear you.  Looking into what has been hidden can be scary!  How I like to think of it is that past life memories reveal themselves kind of like a rainbow:  at first you see the red, orange, yellow before you see the purple - because those are the slower vibrating colors.  Since purple vibrates the fastest, it takes a little while for it to form.  Past life memories are the same.  At first you might encounter some scary things - because those are the vibrations that vibrate the slowest.  The more you stay with it, remembering you are now in the present and just witnessing the past, you can often find more high frequency experiences and memories - and that's what we're looking for!  We will also do a good amount of groundwork in the beginning to ensure you feel you have the tools needed to navigate these situations.  

Q:  I've never heard of Lemuria; I've only heard of Atlantis. What is the difference?
A:  Good question!  And one that warrants way more space than we have here.  The stories of Lemuria and Atlantis have many similarities, and some differences that are significant for some people.  However, the basis of the story is the same: Advanced civilization connected to the light realms and star nations encountered a situation that caused them to disconnect from Source.  Once the beings lost their connection, they were unable to maintain the high frequency of their cities and the land sank below the surface of the ocean.  For our purposes in this course, we are not differentiating between Lemuria and Atlantis.  I believe that there is valuable information available to us through both of these frequencies at this time.  

Q:  A course about past lives?!?  You must be crazy!  
A:  Yes, most definitely.  Crazy and brilliance go hand in hand, and there's nothing like watching a couple with good dance moves.  ;) 

My story of remembering (so far...)

All of my life, I have never ever considered myself a singer. I could dance in front of strangers, but singing - no way - you couldn’t pay me to karaoke. Then, in 2014, I was called to move to Maui.  I didn't know why, but I had to go.  After making the leap in 2016, I began working with a Hawaiian Kahuna (shaman) and was told I was a Lemurian Priestess who had been called to return to reclaim my past life wisdom and gifts from this land when it was Lemuria.  At first I thought she must say that to everyone, but she checked me and said I needed to hear her, a Hawaiian Kahuna telling me that I was a Lemurian Priestess... I started to pay attention. 

The remembering began in the ocean. I started fluttering my tongue to make a vibration noise as I sang out across the waves, but I knew there was more. I knew I was supposed to sing these Extra Terrestrial tones, and vibrate my throat, but I didn’t know how. In December, I took a trip out to the sunken crater of Molokini where I received a huge activation in the water. The energies were so intense that as I was driving back I started to sing to keep myself awake. I began to use my finger to vibrate my throat. Then all of a sudden, I remembered how to do it without my finger.

I could feel something shifting inside me. This started a windfall of changes in my life. Suddenly I was singing in ceremonies, being gifted sound healing instruments, and catalyzing the awakening of thousands. This is my wish for you.

It is my intention that the vibrations in my voice awaken within you, hidden talents, wisdom, and gifts that may also be shared with others. We are the bringers of the dawn, the creators of the New Earth. By remembering and reclaiming our gifts and talents, we can create a world of harmony and celebration.

It is time to remember. 

I have the deepest respect for you and all that you are, and all that you have been.  Let us proceed into this sacred space without expectations and with as much love as we can summon for ourselves and everyone on this adventure with us.  

I bow to you and your courageous heart. 

With oceans of gratitude, 



Photos by Cadencia, In Her Image Photography, Infinity Photography Hawaii, Kelley Chapman, Teal & Teal, Rachael Webb, Lizzie Swartz, Marya Stark, and Kirsten Schubel.