Bonus Meditations

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the review questions for Remembering Lemuria!  Your feedback helps me to make the program better and better, and provides others an inside view of what all of this magic is all about! :) 

Please enjoy these extra special meditations I collected and channelled for you!  

With endless gratitude and radiant love for your presence in this program, 


Lemurian Emerald Stream Activation 

Deep in the jungle, the emerald waters and diamond light offer activations of ancient memories encoded within these sacred lands.  Emmerse yourself in the healing waters and remember the language of light as it dances upon the water's surface.  

Haleakala (House of the Sun) 12 Chakra Light Code Activation

Haleakala is the highest peak on Maui.  Known as the House of the Sun, it is a dormant volcano that is 10,023 ft above sea level - at least now it is... you remember a time when it was much higher... ;)