Are you ready to let your magic out?

My private 1-on-1 sessions are deeply transformational.  

Part business coaching, part energy healing, part astrology reading, part guided meditation, part sound healing... all MAGIC!  

I have always felt that I was meant to be a leader and a teacher, but I had trouble accepting that I was worthy of that title and work. Since working with Rachael, I have fully stepped into that role; I hosted my first seminar recently and began offering intuitive card readings on my website. I am in currently in the process of putting together a format for individual and group coaching lessons as well. I have learned how important it is for all of us to get our magic out into the world right now, exactly as we are. Those scary, sticky-spots that we all find ourselves in are the places that the magic happens; and that is what the world needs. Magic. Every. Damn. Day.
— Brittany Chaplin, Intuitive Healer and Guide,
After working with Rachael, I can now recognize when I am being tested and to stay on my path. I still get wobbly sometimes, but my recovery is much faster and I no longer make decisions based on being knocked off my solid footing. I can recognize it, explore it, recover, and move on without it interfering with my business or happiness. Through our work together, I have found a strong inner strength, confidence and optimism. Now I can go with the flow and NOT make both life and business decisions from a place of survival and desperation.
— Lisa Anderson Shaffer, Artist & Entrepreneur, Fairfax, CA
During a recent session I was trying to decide a career path. I was at a crossroads. Having given notice to my current employer , they had countered and offered me more money, time off, etc. It was s simple exercise, but Rachael walked me through my recent work experiences. Through her guidance I was able to discover how these situations truly made me feel, making the final decision simple, empowering and uplifting.
— Brianna, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, San Francisco


Application for Private Coaching with Rachael

Over the years I have allowed my inner guidance to shape the way I share my gifts with the world.  Now they are a creative mix of everything I have found to be the most effective - and the most fun!  I work very closely with my clients and their businesses, so I am very selective about who I choose work with.  It is important that we are a good match. I want to make sure that you are deeply committed to your journey, and excited about the shifts and changes that it entails.  By choosing to share your creative gifts with the world, you have signed up for the most powerful transformational experience of your life, and I believe you deserve the very best support and guidance on your journey. I also want to make sure that I can provide value to your creative path and your business.  

I want you to get the most from our work together, so please take time to thoroughly complete the application below.  It will help us both get clear on what you want and what you need in your business and in your life.   

Real Talk: It's a long-ass form - and there's magic in that.  So grab yourself a cup of tea, put on some soothing music, and relish the time you are investing in yourself.  ;)

90 min Private Coaching Session   //   $333
All sessions are held via video on Zoom

Please fill out the application below:

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Our journey begins when you complete the application above.  Once I review your information, I will decide if I think we are a good match, and send you an email where you can schedule your session.  Then I get to work.  I start by looking up your astrological chart.  Then I re-read your information carefully through each of the different lenses I use: energy dynamics, business growth, spiritual growth, Chinese medicine, and more.  All the information I gather from these different systems show me patterns and possibilities for your expansion.  

 Behind the scenes in one of my magical private coaching sessions

Behind the scenes in one of my magical private coaching sessions

On the day of our session, you will need to be in a quite place where you won't be disturbed, and have the option to lay down comfortably.  

I often begin by asking you to speak more about things you've written on your application, so I can sense and feel your energy as you speak.  From there I allow the energy of the session to guide us.  Sometimes we will do a short meditation to allow a realization space to land before we continue talking.  There can be anywhere from 1-3 energy activations that take place during each session.  We will switch back and forth between business and the spirituality - shaking up your subconscious ideas of who you are and what you think is possible for you.  I will reference your astrology chart, helping you to understand more of who you are, and how to share your gifts more effectively.  We will untangle blocks, clear stuck energy, and ground you into the earth and into yourself.  

You will emerge from each session with actionable "homework" steps, and a sense of clarity about moving forward.  

This work is my passion.

I love helping you move through your own metamorphosis, transforming into the greatness that you were intended to bring to this planet.  I love to see you unfurl your wings and take that big leap.  

Nothing brings me such joy as to see you FLY.  

The Catalyst is my signature 3 month Private Coaching Program.

Over the years, I have seen the most profound results when I work with my clients in this 3 month format.  The energy of the number 3 is that of the catalyst, it's a playful and joyful energy - very powerful!  I created The Catalyst program in order to make a sacred space for us to explore and grow together.  Using this format, I have seen amazing transformations in my client's lives.  If you are called to my work, you are an old soul, here to create powerful change for yourself and all of humanity.