The Awakening: Month 6


Month 6:  The Merkaba.  Higher Self.  Divinity.  Vision.  Balance. 

Trusting the Divine: Bringing it all together.  I like to allow Spirit some room to play.  So I have to honestly say I don't know what we will be exploring in our 6th month together.  Of course, I have some ideas, but I really want to create space for the energy we create together to guide us.  Each of us has a soul contract with everyone we meet on this path.  I want to see how far we can go - and I won't know that until we've been together on the path for a while.  In order to fully awaken, we have to go into The Void.  We must trust the unknown, allowing our hearts, and our spiritual discernment - everything that we have learned - to guide us.   We must all be brave. 

FOCUS THIS MONTH:  Practice integrating everything we've learned so far: clearing, honing your energetic signature, expressing yourself creatively, anchoring even deeper into your I AM presence, really feeling into what you are dedicated and devoted to, sharpening your powers of perception and discernment, manifesting through heart coherent visualization, taking the big leap into what makes you feel most alive, using your inner sight to see your next heart-centered steps - and taking intentional aligned action to bring all of this forth into your daily life.   AND how can you begin to share what you have learned in this course?

Month 6: Guided Experience Call 5/4/2016

Month 6 Journal Prompts

In the sixth month, we are working with the energy of the number 6, which signifies the energy of your Higher Self. Such a perfect way to end!

As I mentioned before, I am really insisting that you make time to explore the Journal Prompts.  The magic of The Awakening will not happen if you aren't doing the work.  This is the final month we have together, where everything swirls in a vortex of integration and deeper alignment.  Finish strong!  Gift yourself the powerful completion that you deserve.  

I encourage you to share your process, and if you have any questions or concerns that come up, please share them in our Facebook group - I'm sure someone else is having the exact same question/concern, and everyone will benefit from hearing the answer.  :)

Month 6: Discuss & Process Call 5/18/2016

BONUS!  Here's a little silly for you! :)