The Awakening: Month 5

The Five Pointed Star of Venus

Month 5:  The 5 Pointed Star of Venus.  Change.  Expression.  Discernment. 

Express yourself.  It's month 5.  You are a different person than you were at the beginning of this adventure.  Who are you now?  We will circle back to revisit some of our previous exercises to explore how we've changed over the last 5 months, integrating what we've learned, and strengthening our spiritual discernment. 

FOCUS THIS WEEK:    Staying in our hearts in the vibration of change and uncertainty, inviting in the reprogramming that is occurring as opposed to resisting it as we have in the past.  Going back to the Journal Prompts from Months 2, revisiting how you express yourself creatively now that you have transformed so much.  Honing in on our discernment (HELL YES vibration).  

Soul Purpose + Energetic Signature + expression through clear and focused prioritization = Highest form of divine service

Month 5: Guided Experience Call 4/6/2016

Month 5 Journal Prompts

In the fifth month, we are working with the energy of the number 5, which signifies the energy of Change. In this month things can really get moving.

I encourage you to share your process, and if you have any questions or concerns that come up, please share them in our Facebook group - I'm sure someone else is having the exact same question/concern, and everyone will benefit from hearing the answer.  :)

Month 5: Discuss & Process call