The Awakening: Month 4

The Cube

Month 4:  The Cube.  Stability.  Earth Energy.  Heart Activation & Healing.  

Activating your Sacred Heart.  In this month, we will dive deep into exploring different practices to open and expand your connection to the world through your heart.  Your heart is a powerful electromagnet, capable of shifting quantum particles all around you through your emotions.  You really can create your own reality be aligning your emotions with your desires.  

Awakening the Healer within.  We are all healers.  Whether you are a programmer, teacher, or an artist.  By working with the sacred geometry that connects all things, and connecting to the Divine Presence inside your heart, you will learn that your body is capable of magnificent things.  Miracles really are possible - every day.   

FOCUS THIS WEEK:  Practicing coming into Heart Coherence as often as possible.  Can you do it when you are stressed, anxious, or feeling down?  Practice Heart Coherence healing with a friend or an animal friend.   

Month 4: Guided Experience Call 3/2/2016

The Oath of Manifestation 

*Used with permission. 

The oath of manifestation is best done when said daily, either with a partner or to yourself in the mirror.  You can also record yourself saying it on your phone and repeat it again while listening to the recording for extra impact. After saying it many days in a row, you will have memorized it and you will be able to share it with others. It is a wonderful thing to share at a party or gathering! Many times I have shared this with clients or in groups, and have had people come to me afterwords saying it was one of the most powerful things they have ever heard and by practicing it often they had seen profound changes in their lives!  I have also recorded it below so we can say it together if you like :)

Month 4 Journal Prompts

This month is much more experiential so these journal prompts are going to be an outline of what was covered in the video.  So be sure to watch the video prior to doing these exercises - it will make way more sense!

In the fourth month, we are working with the energy of the number 4, which signifies the energy of MotherEarth. In this month there is a sense of sobriety, really anchoring us into the physical world, which allows us the experience of understanding or being based in structure.  Here we feel really grounded, like we are really able to emerge from all of the catalytic energy of last month with new found clarity.  

As I mentioned before, I am really insisting that you make time to explore the Journal Prompts.  The magic of The Awakening will not happen if you aren't doing the work.  This month is all about taking everything we've been learning to the next level.  We have been building the foundation very carefully, and now it's time for this flower to blossom!  I love that we are also in the middle of the eclipse portal this month - this amplifies the need/desire to release what is no longer serving us, and move into a greater state of love and authenticity.  

I encourage you to share your process, and if you have any questions or concerns that come up, please share them in our Facebook group - I'm sure someone else is having the exact same question/concern, and everyone will benefit from hearing the answer.  :)

Month 4: Discuss & Process call