The Awakening: Month 3


Month 3:  The Trinity.  The Catalyst.  Dedication, Devotion, Discipline.  

The seat of your self confidence.  In this month, we will weave together the concepts of the third chakra: the solar plexus, with your sacred I AM presence.  We will focus on strengthening our personal boundaries.  By becoming grounded and connected to our bodies, we will be able to navigate our lives with confidence, learning to trust the innate intelligence hidden within the cellular structure of our DNA.  

What is your Soul Purpose?  Once we've connected to our bodies and learned to trust them, connecting to what really brings us JOY becomes easier.  Together we will explore the question:  What are you dedicated / devoted to?  

FOCUS THIS WEEK:  Strengthening our core (physical core, core values, as many ways as you can think of your center), getting clear on what is a "hell yes" in our lives, and becoming very mindful of staying in our integrity, honoring our words, our hearts, and our intuition.  

Month 3: Guided Experience Call 2/3/2016

Merkaba Meditation:  Level 2 Containment Practice

Password: merkaba

Month 3: Let's Dive Deeper

Month 3 Journal Prompts

This month is going to be different.  This is where you begin to stretch your wings.  I’ve got links for you to explore, videos to watch, and apps to play with.  So let’s get started… 

In the link above, you'll find journal prompts to help guide you on your exploration + some really awesome multimedia things for you all to explore!  In keeping with our intention to be able to walk hand in hand with the unseen world, these journal prompts are meant to be pondered as you move about in your daily life.  You can sit down and make time to answer and explore them if that feels good.  Sometimes I have found it easier to "carry" these types of concepts around with me, pausing to reflect on them often, and then writing about them.  After spending some time with them in my head, often I will have flashes of inspiration or questions that come up.  

These are the juicy bits I want you to catch in your journal!  

I made these journals small, so they are easy to carry.  You can also make notes on your phone - whatever works for you!  I want you to be able to FLOW with these concepts, take notes on how you process them in your own particular way, and then bring these notes to share with the group.  This sharing is the most important part of our process. 

I encourage you to share your process, and if you have any questions or concerns that come up, please share them in our Facebook group - I'm sure someone else is having the exact same question/concern, and everyone will benefit from hearing the answer.  :)

And if you are still in the beginning stages of cleaning out & clearing that's perfect!  Everything that we go over will be repeated in a different way as we continue to layer information on top of information.  Wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.  

Remember we are all in this together, and the group is holding space for your awakening.  Don't hesitate to reach out to the group for support if you are feeling stuck.  

Month 3: Discuss & Process call