There Is A Revolution Happening On Instagram

I know you can feel it

The light is winning - and Instagram is where it's at.  WE are the ones we have been waiting for.  The time has come for us to step forward and share our magic, our light, with the world.  I believe YOU are the keeper of hidden wisdom and gifts, and that it is important, if not essential, for you share these gifts with others.  I believe in the power of community to create powerful shifts in our awareness through social media - and that we can literally change the world through Instagram.  I believe you can be both authentic and profitable, by sharing your whole, beautiful, messy, magical self!

But sometimes it's hard to know where to start...

  • How do I find my tribe?
  • How do I gain the right followers, who are aligned with my mission (and get rid of those spam accounts)?
  • How do I get my message out there to the people who really need to hear it?
  • How do I get paying clients from Instagram by sharing my world? 
  • Why do other people's Instagram feeds look so pretty, but mine feels all over the place?
  • I want to share, but I want it to feel genuine & authentic, not spammy or pushy, how do I do that? 
  • How do I figure the whole hashtag thing to bring the right people to my page?

I'm going to share it ALL with you

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Alyssa, @reikiwomb, who just signed up: "I wanted to personally reach out and tell you thank you. Wow! Since signing up I've had massive inner & outer shifts-already! And honestly, I'm just about to do the energetic signature meditation! I am pacing myself and feel the expansiveness setting into my cells. Amazing! One of my favorite things so far is how I can feel so much changing with my style of sharing and the fear of putting it out there! Like my last posts, the words are coming with more ease, more focus and potency. It's incredible! Just had to tell you....!"

"So you wanna know how to work this Instagram space like a soul shining boss lady? You want to create, contribute to, and sustain authentic meaningful connection and communities across the great wide world through the inter-webs? You want to learn how to up your game of honest and artistic self expression that draws people to your Instagram party?

Rachael Webb of Soul Star Medicine, your magic dragon priestess guide, is a model of radiant authenticity living what she teaches and bringing the goods of this course to life in her own feed everyday (go see for yourself).

I’ve long wanted to find someone walking their talk & blending the deep wisdom of energetics with the functional systems of effective modern-boss-lady-business. It’s all here and I am so grateful to have found someone not only teaching it but also living into the creative, energetic reality that I know to be the fundamental fabric of how we live, connect and lead with the most potency. Go get yourself some magnificent medicine through The Energetics of Instagram and watch your feed and your life light up with magic!"

Tulasi Adeva - Priestess of Embodied Awakening & Illuminated Life Design @tulasiadeva


"I felt changes in myself immediately upon taking this course. I am no longer hiding parts of myself. I realized that I am most powerful and effective as my whole self. And thanks to the work we did in the class, I am more sure of who I am. I am more assertive in my relationships and in my business. The most valuable lesson I learned in this class is that people want the whole, real, messy me. When I share my true, real, messy self, I form strong relationships. I can relax and stop expending all the mental and emotional energy it takes to edit myself. I feel free." 

- Anna Carroll, Mom, Creative, Programmer, @pollinatorzone


"The Energetics of Instagram has been an amazing journey with so many parallel insights along with this course, activations and step by step realizing it is no use playing small or not showing my full radiant self. I was afraid of the talk about coming out of the magical closet, but during the course it just happened naturally! I LOVE IT! I am clearer than ever and fully aligned with my soul purpose of this time thanks to the course."

- Marie Cederholm, Inner Peace Goddess, @innerpeacegoddess


Your authentic expression of where you are on your path - EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE NOW (not where you want to be, where you hope to be, or where you plan to be soon). YOU exactly as you are NOW, is medicine for someone else. Your authentic expression of your journey (imperfect as it may be to you) is exactly the outstretched hand that someone else needs to take the next step in their life. 

Don't hide it.

I believe YOU have a powerful, important message that is part of this shift.  Whether you're a transformational coach, or selling your artwork, crystals or essential oils, or a budding vegan chef - YOUR LIFE is medicine for someone else - EXACTLY where you are RIGHT NOW.  We need your magic.  We need to hear your voice.  We need to see you. 

The time is now.  No more hiding.  

It is time for us to riseTOGETHER.  If you are following me on Instagram, I know you know what I'm talking about.  I believe in you - with all of my heart.   When I open my Instagram account I don't see followers, I see LEADERS - and I want to give you the tools to shine your brightest - leading others to the light. 

You Are Part Of The Revolution

So...  Are you ready to let your magic OUT

Enrollment is currently closed.

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Before + After

The community aspect of the class inspired me - when I saw other people I knew doing it, it was a big push to be in community with others to work on my social media presence. I also was feeling stagnant in my instagram flow. Through this class, I got really clear on my posting schedule, what to post about and when, how often to post text versus images and discovered some great new apps that have made the whole process more fun and enjoyable. It wasn’t just about gaining new followers, but really allowing myself to be seen and make the impact I want to make. Now I feel more connected and confident. There is more ease to my posting and I have started to form my tribe.
— @meredithrom, Women's Leadership Coach and Founder of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast
I think the energetic signature exercise was super meaningful, and has had the biggest impact on my life on and off of Instagram. I now feel like I’m able to surround myself with things that I love and make me feel good. I think it also provided a lot of insight into my past and why I was drawn to certain things. It felt like a big a-ha moment learning what my energetic signature was! It also increased my feelings of worthiness around surrounding myself in an environment that feels good for me.
— Ashlyn Stevens- Empowerment Coach, @ashlyncstevens
I just loved everything and seriously didn’t want it to end! I kept feeling like “There has to be more we can do!!” I always found myself filled with new ideas and wanting to really go deeper with them. I feel so much more clear on my vibe and what I want to project through my social media, writing, website, and my brand in general. As we were going through the course. All in all, I feel very clear and focused on the energy I want to have around me in my life as well as in my business.
— @jessjcarlson, Cosmic Mermaid, Spiritual Intuitive, Life Coach, San Diego, CA


















Here's how we'll play

  • You'll learn how to boost your self confidence so you can let your magic out in a way that feels fun and authentic. 
  • Build community in an authentic way that comes straight from your heart.
  • Discover how to create an energetic vortex to pull people down your page and into your world.  
  • Learn what your Energetic Signature is, and how to weave it into your feed.  
  • Master the Hashtag Game like a pro, attracting all the right people.  
  • Learn how to supercharge your photos so people are magnetically attracted to them. 
  • Connect with our amazing community of over 100 people who have taken the course before.

Everything is prerecorded so you can go at your own pace!



    Achintya Devi of @goddess_rising shares about her experience of creating heartfelt community growth.  Achintya has built the #goddessrising community to over 70k, and is a powerful connector and spiritual activist.  In this interview, Achintya shares her suggestions for building an online community, things that happened along her journey that created the most growth, and how to balance having an Instagram page that is both community focused and a place where she shares her personal life as well.  I learned so much from this interview, and I'm so excited to share it with you. 


      Two years ago @patbailey was laying on my treatment table, squirming under the covers as I questioned her about leaving her 9-5 job. Her body was tense and her breath was tight. She was living a double life. On Instagram she had a community of thousands of followers and was posting snaps of her in her bikini doing yoga poses in amazing locations around the Bay Area. However, in her day to day she was hustling the grind, working for someone else in a job that was the total opposite energy vibe.  I shared an idea I had just learned to help in making decisions: "If it's not a HELL YES, then it's a No."  As Pat tells the story in our interview, that was the moment she would never forget. Flash forward to the present moment: Pat has figured out how to monetize her Instagram, to not only get her out of that painful 9-5 job, but to create the life of her dreams: one where she gets paid to travel to exotic places, collaborating with amazing people to elevate brands she loves. She's also published a book, created @thehellyeslife and @thehellyesagency, and she's giving us the behind the scenes for how she did it. HELL YES indeed.

      What is Included?

      • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and any updates & additions I create
      • Over 4 hours of instruction, divided into 7 video segments
      • A guided meditation and worksheet to help you discover your Energetic Signature
      • Homework assignments to help you to integrate the information (the same ones from the live course)
      • Additional videos to help inspire and support your journey
      • Bonus 60 min Interview with Achintya Devi of @goddess_rising on conscious community building
      • JUST ADDED! Bonus 80 min Interview with Pat Bailey of @patbailey, @thehellyesagency, and @thehellyeslife on monetizing Instagram, the new algorithm, and shadow banning.  
      Online FB community support
      • Lifetime access to our Private Facebook community!  HUGE BONUS.  
        • You will receive support from me and I'll be available to answer questions and facilitate the discussion as you move through the information.  
        • The students who took the class when it was taught live are positive, enthusiastic, and supportive about the expansion of this material into an online video course.  They have been through the transformation process, and are excited to support you on your journey as well.  
        • Think of it as #MagicTribe next level. :)


      Enrollment is currently closed.

      But don't worry! Enter your email here and be the first to know when the course opens up again!

      It is an honor to respect your privacy.


      Real Talk:  When I am in my channelled teaching state (even on video!), there is a 3rd language that comes through me - activating and awakening parts of you you didn't even know where asleep.  My passion for empowering & inspiring you to be your most powerful, authentic self runs SO so deep. 

      This is about so much more than Instagram. 

      It is my mission to see you succeed - it is my reason for being on this Earth - it is my Divine Directive.  

      I want to see you shine

      What People Are Saying...

      I’m definitely more brave & confident, & not just my IG experience but life in general & in my work. I’m understanding more & more who I AM. I feel more clear about my direction...knowing when my heart is making the decision opposed to my head. Life is WAY more fulfilling. Since taking the course, my followers have increased by almost 25%. I am definitely more intentional in my posting yet allowing my intuition to guide it. It just somehow works & unfolds organically. I SOOO enjoyed getting creative & making my posts & page an art project. I have gained more clients through the process as well. I love my IG experience more than ever helps me on so many levels, personal & business.
      — Kirsten Harris Rainbow Priestess , Aura-Soma Practitioner & Healer, @colourlightbalance
      I feel far more clear in my message, and the gifts I have to offer and I feel more confident in sharing them online. My Instagram feed feels really lovely to me now, and I see this as a really beautiful space to share the little pieces of me that want to be expressed and shared.
      — Jo Bell Cummings Flower Essence Therapist / Sister Circle Facilitator, @thehealingessence
      The biggest take away is actually about unconditional love and that yes, I can run my business AND MYSELF from an unconditionally loving place and offer what I do from a place of love and abundance and not lack and scarcity. As I stepped out of the Magic Closet on Instagram - I noticed, I also stepped out of it IRL. Now, it’s like my new home opened up to me more fully in Santa Barbara (I moved here 6 months ago) and people were literally like THANK YOU for showing up, THANK YOU for moving here. And a lot of these people aren’t even on IG - but they saw my posts on IG. Everyone (ok maybe not everyone but a lot of people) in my life has felt my energy change. It’s like the world was just waiting to welcome me out of hiding.
      — Jana Carrey, Rainbow Hummingbird Priestess + Oracular Channel, @janacarreyhealing
      Some of the biggest shifts are feeling more confident and clear in my energetic signature, feeling clear about my gifts and why I am here on this planet at this time. Some miracles have been instantly manifesting a free photo shoot for new photographs, and much more ease while speaking to new people about the type of healing work that I do. My biggest take-away is that IG is a place where I can truly be ME in all ways and that there is a whole tribe and communities of individuals who I am meant to connect with.
      — Lauren Gibson --Multidimensional Healer, Intuitive Coach & Social Media Consultant, @lauren_mgibson
      Since the course began, I have experienced a HUGE shift in my ability to fully own and openly share my unique magic fearlessly, as well as a RAPID increase in the development of my healing gifts. My creative expression has broken open to a huge degree, and I feel so much safer and inspired to share myself vulnerability. My understanding of who I am and the work I am meant to do has begun to clarify in big ways since I began the course — and while it is all still in movement, now more than ever, I feel NO doubts as to the importance of my business being built on that which is most magical and divine within me.
      — Christina, Priestess of Earth Alchemy and Faerie Queen, @wildembodiedwoman
      Instagram is more fun and playful, I leave comments more freely & am more confident about sending people messages and replying to engagement. I notice that I’m more thoughtful when posting, that the spiritual aspect of my business doesn’t hide anymore, and I’m getting comfortable sharing & showing the personal side of my business (aka - me!). I see the value of connecting with people through having a unique small business, rather than trying to seem more ‘official’ or make it look bigger than it is.
      — Monica Ditzler, Panty Priestess, @harmonicadesign
      Before this class I was noticing my resistance to posting authentic shares, my judgement and comparison to other people who are similar to me, and my insecurity that came from that. I wanted to learn how to utilize IG as a tool to support my growth, share my knowledge with, and create more followers for my offerings. It felt good to invest in myself in this opportunity for learning and pushing myself past my comfort zone. Now I have definitely become more open in my shares, more vulnerable and less superficial. I’ve noticed that as I’ve become more transparent, more magic has started to flow, and I’ve started to feel more supported by my tribe. The biggest take away from this experience is that I have been reunited with my faith in magic!
      — Noelani Love, HAWAII Designer, Musician and Lightworker, @noelanilove
      My biggest takeaway is that I feel a more relaxed sense of myself, sharing on social media, and the freedom of expression that I now allow myself. Before I felt like I needed to be vague and obscure somehow, and now it’s more about beauty - in other forms - and just using Instagramas an artistic canvas for my life.
      — Kylie, Pregnancy Priestess, @kaishaktiyoga
      I’ve seen the ripple effects of when I share more about my own process that can be inspiring and have a positive effect on other people. Several people have shared with me their stories of how certain things impacted them. I have had new people come to the studio because they were following me in Instagram and felt they were aligned with what we are doing here.
      — Bethany Miller, Yoga Studio Owner,

      This course is for you if:

      • You are on a mission to inspire others
      • Instagram is your happy place :) 
      • You want to feel more confident and clear about your gifts, and how to share them
      • You want to call in your tribe, and build a heart-centerd supportive community on Instagram
      • You want to feel supported and celebrated for sharing who you REALLY are, even if that feels a little scary right now
      • You have 0-10k followers, but especially if you have less than 3,000 - I WANT you to have more followers that are your soul-tribe, people you feel like you know and trust, and want to change the world with! 

      This course is NOT for you if:

      • You don't want to make time to connect with your community
      • You don't want to share about yourself on Instagram
      • You just want more followers to sell your products to
      • You want to learn how to use Instagram ADs
      • You don't really like Instagram as a platform

      I can honestly say that Instagram has changed my life.  

      In March 2015, I had been on Instagram for 1 year and had 760 followers.  That was when I wrote the blog post Why I am not an Acupuncturist, and Coming Out of the Magic Closet - as some of you may remember!  That was when I got REALLY CLEAR on who I am and who I want to connect with.  Since then, I have gained over 9,000 followers organically & authentically, and I value each and every one.  I was actually able to move to Maui through connections I made on Instagram!  This is my #MagicTribe: my community, my friends, my crew (and #magictribe now has over 24,000 photos using this hashtag!!).  Because of the connections I have built, my heart has exploded and turned into a giant electromagnet, attracting all the right people into my life.  We collaborate together, support each other, make some really epic stuff together!  When I went to Maui for the first time, my entire trip was coordinated through people I had met on Instagram.  Right now 99% of my business comes from Instagram, and my followers convert to my 1-on-1 clients, students in my courses, to our Facebook group, and email list.  My photos have been reposted by people who have 14x as many followers as I do, and sometimes I've gained over 100 followers in a day!

      But most importantly - I discovered how to BE MYSELF. 

           Tarot card c  ollaboration with    Star Child Tarot    and    In Her Image photography.


      Tarot card collaboration with Star Child Tarot and In Her Image photography.

      When you surround yourself with your tribe, it is easier to allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You can let your guard down, and share your true self - or even the self you are just beginning to explore.  And THIS is your magic.  The braver you are with sharing who you are right now, and were you are right now, the more magnetic you are. 

      Let me be very clear - it's not about popularity - it's about ENERGY. 

      Together, WE are changing the world through Instagram.  Every day I get messages and comments about how inspiring my posts are, and how they have totally shifted someone's mindset - which is HUGE!  This creates a ripple effect that spreads throughout that person's day and into their community - and this is changing the world

      And I want you to shine just as bright as I do. 

      Join the Revolution

      Enrollment is currently closed.

      But don't worry! Enter your email here and be the first to know when the course opens up again!

      It is an honor to respect your privacy.

      What people are saying...

      This class was very much an inside look at what Rachel does which I really enjoyed. A lot of other classes teach more conceptually and high level, where as this was specific details as to how Rachael plans her posts, and exactly what apps she uses. I learned so much and will take it with me in all aspects of my business. I really think I have a better understanding of how I want my business to be an extension of me and how it’s truly an expression of my soul. I know that when I share what is in alignment with my soul I will connect with all the people that I need to, and the right people and clients will find me.
      — Hera, Healer & Spiritual Life Coach, @mindfuleuphoria
      I have released a lot of fears and doubt about myself and business since this class. I am owning my personal power so much more and see a lot more transformation in the way I present my energy that is continuing to happen, even after the class. This is more than just making a pretty Instagram feed (although a lovely side benefit) but learning so much about ourselves, our energy and being heart centered and authentic in our businesses and lives.
      — Jessica Sage, Mystical Feminine Leadership, @jessicamoonflower
      One of the biggest miracles has been finding my tribe. Once I found them, it was a million times easier to show up authentically. Instagram allowed me to experience a rebirthing; a rebirth that I needed to go through so that I could get my message out. Now I feel more grounded, clear, aligned, confident, playful, sensual, and more Divine than I have in my entire life. I just announced that I am going to offer intuitive card readings. It was one of the most exhilarating things that I’ve ever done and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the experience of this course. It connected me with people that I know will be in my life for years to come. I truly am more in tune and aligned with my core self in large thanks to this course.
      — Brittany Chaplin, Intuitive Healer and Guide, @brittanykchaplin
      I learned so much in this class! I have shifted what I share on Instagram. I have gone from sharing other people’s pictures and quotes to making them my own, creating them in my own energetic signature.. And now I love the way my feed looks. It is much more of a reflection of my life, my love and the joy that I feel. I have found the confidence, to step into my power. My biggest takeaway has been the reinforcing affirmation to follow your heart, let your magic out, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Now I know that my story truly inspires others, and that me taking a leap of faith gives others the courage to do the same.
      — Tarah, Cosmic Card Reader, @tarahsalome
      Thank you for your patience and for holding space for us as we go forth in our business endeavors. You are a light in this world Rachael and I am so grateful for you inspiring me and reminding me that it’s safe to go out there and be me! You gave me permission to show my face and to be vulnerable in sharing my gifts with the world.
      — Sabrina Riccio :: Soulistic Practitioner, Bohemian Priestess, Spiritual Guide
, @shamanessagoddessa
      I really enjoy my IG experience now, I really look forward to taking pictures and posting them each day. I certainly feel more clear on my IG style after this class. I am focusing more on what makes me vibe higher in life in general. This class has helped clarify what makes me happy and shine bright. I’m now able to follow that and use it in other areas in my life. I’ve enrolled in an Aromatherapy program and am planting a small garden for myself now.
      — Jade, Earthess, @sage_and_lily
      I deeply desired to shift the way I was showing up in my business, so I figured Instagram was a great place to start. It felt great to invest in a course that I knew was going to help shift the energy in how I was showing up in the world. I was a little hesitant to make an investment in another program, but I just couldn’t ignore the call I felt to take this one. I’ve just noticed that I feel like my online self matches my real self better. I’m being really honest about who I am and what I’m drawn to. There seems to be more self love present for me now. I noticed I was all of a sudden more at ease in my life, wearing makeup and dressing in ways that really showed off my energetic signature. I’m still getting rid of clothes that don’t match it that I was continuing to wear. It feels so freeing!
      — Jessica, Spiritual Mentor, Soul Alchemist, @sacredsoulcove
      Before the course, there was no way I felt comfortable posting selfies of myself, but now those are the pics that get the most likes. In learning to express myself, I can see that I inspire people. I’m feeling like my Instagram experience is definitely helping hone my voice and vision, and is spurring creativity in other areas of my life and business.
      — Laura Hughes, Writer, Seeker, Heart Centered Healer, @lo_hughes
      This class created a shift for me that was life changing. I feel like I truly let my magic out. I gained support, confidence and courage to share my message and launch my botanical business. I am forever grateful for you, Rachael. You have taught me to be fierce in my inner devotion and have helped me release so much fear, self judgment and given me the courage to be perfectly imperfect. I have released the fear and hesitation I had with using Instagram. I am posting way more and my following has grown almost 60% which is pretty amazing!! Thank you for sharing your light, your dark and for being so real.
      — Shawna, Botanical Goddess, Founder of Mama Fish Botanicals, @mamafishlove

      You've got questions - I've got answers

      Is The Energetics of Instagram only for women?

      A: NO.  When I taught the live course, women were the ones who signed up - so I went with it.  But now, the information is available for EVERYONE!  I want men to feel educated and empowered about sharing their message on Instagram as well! 

      Is The Energetics of Instagram only for entrepreneurs or people with a business?  I am currently in school - I have plans to start a business after I get out, but I'm not there yet.

      A:  This class is not just for entrepreneurs or people with an existing business.  I feel like Instagram has been one of the most powerful influences in strengthening my personal sense of self.  Through finding my tribe, and gaining clarity on who I am in the world and how I want to show up, my sense of self-confidence has gone through the roof.  This feeling of clarity can only benefit you now, and will become even more valuable as you get closer to the end of school and begin to think about starting your business.  When the time comes for you to begin your business, you will be starting from a 3 or 4, when other people around you will be starting at zero. 

      The videos are all pre-recorded?  How long will I have access to them?

      A: For as long as I have a website.  You will also have access to any and all updates, upgrades, reformatting, etc that I create along the way.  I just added a new video update!

      Will I be able to get feedback on my progress on Instagram?

      A: I am totally here to support you in the Facebook group.  I can't be certain I will be able to catch/follow/comment/or direct message you on Instagram, so let's just count that as a no.  For support, Facebook is where it's at :)

      What if I'm not on Facebook?  Will that affect me getting the most out of the course?

      A: I totally understand about not wanting to be on Facebook.  I've had other students in the past with similar circumstances.  Our FB group for The Energetics of Instagram will be set to secret once enrollment closes  - so no one will be able to find it or know anything about it.  We will use this space for discussions, questions, and accountability.  I think you would get more out of the class if you were part of the group, but it is not necessary.  I've had a few students before make up a fake name and use a photo of a flower, etc for their profile pics, and their only activity was in our group, and they really enjoyed connecting with the others that way.  You can also download the Facebook "Groups" app on your phone, and add our group - that way you can bypass all of the rest of FB and only interact with our group.  Once you've completed the course you can delete your account if you like.  This is my suggestion for you to get the greatest benefit out of the class, it's not a requirement, but it will definitely enhance your experience. 

      How do I know which tribe I'm in?

      A: YOU get to decide!  Before we would have different sections of the course that were named Dragons, Mermaids, and Unicorns.  Now since everyone has access to all of the information at the same time through the videos, you get to choose which tribe energy you resonate with the most.  Get out there and make friends with the other dragons, mermaids, and unicorns! 


      Enrollment is currently closed.

      But don't worry! Enter your email here and be the first to know when the course opens up again!

      It is an honor to respect your privacy.