Module 6

Homework assignments for this module:

1) Get out there and find 3 hashtag communities to start actively participating in.  

2) Make your list of new IG friends you want to make who have a similar Energetic Signature as you.

3) Make sure your captions are 5+ lines long + add 10+ hashtags to each post. 

Module 7

Homework assignments for this module:

1. Practice your tagging: tag people in this class who you want to come over and see your posts, tag anyone who is in your photos, tag several accounts who you look up to in a post letting them know you see their light and are grateful for their presence in your life :) 

2. Get out there and sprinkle the magic fairy dust!  Go out into the ocean of Instagram and find at least 10 brand new people to shower with love by liking their photos and leaving comments.  Then watch and see what happens!

Module 8

Additional Insights

Updates since May 2017, including multiple picture/video posts, IG stories, IG live, and Instagram ads. 

More information on the option, authentic sharing, and managing your following.  Enjoy! 

BONUS Interview

Creating Heartfelt Community Growth with Achintya Devi of @goddess_rising

BONUS Interview

How to Monetize your Instagram, the New Algorithm, and Shadow Banning with Pat Bailey of @patbailey, @thehellyesagency, and @thehellyeslife

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