Next Steps:

Please read all 5 steps below.

1. Access Granted!  You can now access the Eclipse Portal Activations through the link below.  

***Please note: This link is a private link and meant for your eyes only.  Please do not share this information.  I trust you and appreciate you honoring this agreement.  

Access the Program:
Password: IAMtransforming (case sensitive)

You will be receiving an email to let you know when each of the activations has been posted. 

2.  Share your experience:  I'm experimenting with not having a specific Facebook group for this activation sequence.  Instead I've set up the videos in a blog-type format.  You can on each video and share your experience with others by clicking the title of each post.  I'm hoping we have some amazing shares and conversations about what is coming up for us through this activation portal.  

3.  (Optional) Join the Facebook Group:  You can also share your experiences with the activations in the Magic Tribe Facebook group.  There will be some people who are not participating in these activations in the Facebook group, and some who are not.  It is up to you how you'd like to share.  If you aren't already a member of the Magic Tribe Facebook group, you can join us here.  Follow this link and request to be added.  Your request will be approved within 24 hours.  

4.  Connect on Instagram:  Hashtags for connecting with others who are participating in these activations are: #soulstaractivations (note the plural "s"), and of course #magictribe. 

5. Make sure you're receiving our emails:  Add to your contacts list, and if you are a GMAIL user, please check your "Promotions" tab and click "not promotions" so you make sure not to miss any email updates. You will be receiving an email to let you know when each of the activations has been posted.  

With all of my heart, I bow to your courage during this powerful time of transformation.  By participating in this activation sequence, you are anchoring more light into your being and altering the frequency of this planet.  Truly, you ARE creating powerful, lasting change for yourself and the Earth at this time.  It is an honor to share this experience with you. 


With supreme love for the awakening and remembering of ALL that you are,