Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - New Moon Solar Eclipse

We are still feeling it.  We will be working with the energies from the Eclipse for the next 6 months.  The initiations and downloads are coming through strong.  You can feel it in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, and in your psyche.  We are going through a collective upgrade.  It shows up differently for everyone.  Maybe it's really intense for you in your daily life.  Perhaps you are struggling to find how to ground yourself, having difficulty sleeping, feeling overly emotional.  Or maybe it's more subtle for you.  Perhaps you are having more vivid dreams, receiving insights in your meditations or while doing the dishes.  Whatever your experience looks like, I am here to support you.  

  • Anchor in the Galactic light codes
  • Step into your power
  • Remember past & parallel lifetimes
  • Access other Star Systems
  • Receive new understanding of your purpose
  • Find peace and compassion for yourself and others
  • Activate physical & emotional healing
  • Raise the frequency of the Earth

Many of you have witnessed my evolution into the world of Sound Healing and singing the channelled light language tones.  It has been a miraculous and activating experience - but it has been mostly an in-person offering.  I have been wondering how I can continue to be of service to you, my Magic Tribe online community, in a way that feels as transformational as what I share in our sound ceremonies on Maui.  Now I know what to do.  :) 

I created 6 Sound Healing transmissions just for you.  Each one is pre-recorded and uploaded to a private site where you will be able to re-watch them as often as you like.  
You will have lifetime access to all of the videos.  

Eclipse energy continues to get activated as the faster moving planets continue to move through the sky.  You might feel the effects of this eclipse portal 3-6 months from now as these planets trigger these energies over and over. 

You can begin your journey at any time with these activations. There are valuable insights and experiences in each one that you can come back and reference again and again.   Are you ready to begin your activation?

I know that through our collective experience of these activations, we are going to anchor more light and create powerful collective change during this eclipse portal.  

You are older than you think, Lightworker.  You have been on this planet, and on other planets and part of other star systems for longer than you can conceive.  This is not new work to you.  You came to this planet specifically to forget your mission, so that you could remember how powerful you really are, and the magical abilities you carry.  It is time for you to remember your Galactic lineage.  It is time for you to meet your Star Family once again.  It is time for you to consciously use your gifts in service to the Earth, so that she can unlock the mystery of who you are and where you have come from.  

I believe that each one of us acts as a pillar of light, activating the Earth wherever we go, and that when we consciously tap into the light energy that we carry we can create healing and awakening in our own lives and for the planet.  Each one of us is like an acupuncture needle, activating the ground we walk upon.  Through this conscious engagement with the energy of the planet, we can access the hidden wisdom and abilities that are encoded in the plants, minerals, and the very earth we walk upon.  Gaia is here to help you remember who you are and why you have come - she remembers everyone you have ever been, and all of the gifts you have ever had.  

It is time for us to awaken.  It is time for us to transform.  It is time for us to remember - and this eclipse energy is just the catalyst we need.  

I just worked through the first activation and I cannot even begin to tell you the amazing, painful, enlightening, exciting, healing visions and downloads that came from this. This is going to take days to process but the shift that happened within an hourโ€™s time was incredible!
— Jess Carlson, Intuitive Mentor, Tarot Card Reader, San Diego, CA

What is included

  • Lifetime access to 6 activation sessions.  Each activation is approximately 60 minutes.  
  • Astrological and spiritual teachings. 
  • Channelled insights and meditations. 
  • DNA and Lightbody activations. 
  • Techniques, practices, and affirmations you can integrate into your daily life. 
  • Sound Healing with eleven 432 Hz crystal singing bowls, and other fun sound healing instruments.
  • Channelled Light Language Tones to activate your awakening and remembering. 
  • Space to share and discuss your experiences with others.  

You can begin your journey at any time with these activations. There are valuable insights and experiences in each one that you can come back and reference again and again.  

I believe in the power of sound to transform us.  I believe in the power of the Earth to help us remember.  I believe that we are being called together to create healing on a massive scale.  Wherever you are in the world, whenever you listen to any of these recordings, I feel you now.  I know you have been drawn to this page because you have important gifts to share with the world, because you are being asked to bring forth these gifts at this time, and because you are a member of the Family of Light - those of us who have contracted to act as agents of change during this potent eclipse portal and beyond.  

It is an honor to be able to transmit the frequencies of sound and song to you from the heart chakra of the world here on Maui.  As the Lion's Gate reaches it's apex, the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and the star Sirius aligns with the Great Pyramids of Giza, Maui is exactly opposite this sacred site across the globe.  The galactic waves of light and solar activations are strong from this central point and I transmit them in every ceremony I share.  

May these activations serve to open a portal of initiation between these two eclipses.  You are being asked to release what has been holding you back from offering of your gifts of genius, and to step forward courageously to shine your light brighter than ever, regardless of what is happening out in the world.  

I am so grateful to get to share the transformational frequencies of sound and song, to help activate and awaken the light within you.  The time is now.  The world needs your magic.  Remember who you are.  You are more powerful than you think.

With relentless service to your awakening and activation,