YESSSS!!!!!!   (((Virtual High Fives!!)))   
Thank you for saying YES to letting your magic out!  Seriously, this could change everything. 

I am SO stoked for our adventure together!  


Next Steps:

1.  In the next couple of days, you will be added to our private Facebook group.  Please introduce yourself!  This is our online community space - the group is set to secret so make sure you fill out the form below so we can add you to the group.  Here we will be in constant contact with one another, sharing our experiments with energy and new discoveries we make.  Think of it as our energetic laboratory/playground :)  Here you will also find all of the alumni from the previous rounds of The Energetics of Instagram standing ready to welcome & support you on this epic journey.  Please don't hesitate to look to them for guidance!  Once a Dragon/Unicorn/Mermaid, always a Dragon/Unicorn/Mermaid. <3

** Since we have 2 weeks of holidays before class starts, please gift yourself this time to reflect on the "new you" that you want to discover and present to the world through this class.   We are standing at the precipice of potential!  Who are you becoming and how are you going to serve the greater good? 

2. Please take a moment to add the dates & times for the classes for your chosen Tribe to your calendar (VERY IMPORTANT:

The Dragon Tribe meets at 6pm PST, every Tuesday for 6 weeks: Jan 3rd - Feb 7th (no class the third week of 1/17)

The Unicorn Tribe meets at 4 pm PST, every Thursday for 6 weeks: Jan 5th - Feb 9th (no class the third week of 1/19)

The Mermaid Tribe meets at 12pm PST, every Friday for 6 weeks: Jan 6th - Feb 10th (no class the third week of 1/20)

  • If you miss a class you can watch the recording once it has been uploaded to the member area.  You may not join another section/tribe - this is to preserve the energetic containers of the groups.  All classes will be 2 hours.


3.  ALL CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED.  You will be able to watch the video if you can't attend a class, or would simply like to review.  Recordings will be uploaded 24-36 hours after the live class.   

4.  Hashtags for The Energetics of Instagram are: #theenergeticsofinstagram (note the "the"), and #authenticinstagram.  I encourage you to use these on all/as many of your new posts moving forward so we can all see & celebrate each other's progress.  

5.  Do not delete your old photos or start a new Instagram account.  Being able to own, accept, and celebrate your journey is KEY to the transformational aspect of this work.  (ps - go back and look at the beginning of my feed, it's amazing to watch the shift!)

6.  Take a BEFORE screenshot of your feed and share it in the Facebook group, along with your introduction.  

7.  If you are one of the first 10 people to sign up, you will be receiving the link to the Energetic Hygiene video course in the next few days.  


One more thing...

Please complete the form below, so I can have all of your information in one place for ease of access.  Thank you!

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Let's do this! 


With all of my heart, I bow to the epicness of all of the magic we are about to create together.