Full Moon + Energetic Hygiene (Brand New!)


I hope this finds you riding the Full Moon in Virgo activations from Monday with ease and grace.  This moon was a big one for me.  I spent my day alternating between creation and destruction.  I put the finishing touches on the long awaited Energetic Hygiene video course (more on that in a minute!), and burned 7 old journals by the light of the full moon last night.  It was such a powerful release! 

At some points during the process I had to use a stick to stir the ashes because the pot was getting too full!  It felt so amazing. Burning away old business ideas was maybe one of my favorite parts. Releasing all those spirit babies of business ideas for courses, programs, classes, everything! I gave it all back to source! I surrendered these ideas to someone who WILL bring them into existence. 

I also watched as all of my notes from classes that I had taken, mentors I had studied with, were consumed by the flames. I feel like for the past 10 years I have been gathering and holding space for other people's ideas and energy. Which has been an absolutely beautiful, and completely NECESSARY part of the journey. 

But I have come to a place in my life now where I must trust that this information has been assimilated, integrated, and is now part of my very being – so much so that I don't need to keep all of these old notes for the WHAT IF?? What if I need to look back at this information? What if I don't remember it in the moment? What if I am not enough in and of myself? That's the real question, right? What if I am not enough - that I have not lived into these teachings, that I might have to go back and reference them… I am done living that way. 

I trust myself. I trust my heart. I trust the deep deep wisdom that I know resides within my own body, and my own spirit. I trust that I have integrated all of these lessons into my very being, and that they now spring forth as soon as I open my mouth. 

I AM a great leader and teacher. And now it is time for me to step forward as such - which brings me to the next part.. 

The brand-spankin NEW Energetic Hygiene video course is LIVE!

I'm so grateful that so many of you joined me for one (or all!) of the introduction to Energetic Hygiene webinars I did back in November (over 150 people signed up!).

Since then I've gotten so many requests to teach the full class again that I decided to make a 6 part video series  + 3 BONUS downloadable audio meditations.   Some of the information is pretty intensive, so I sectioned it out into 6 parts to make it easily digestible.  Plus you can download the meditations to your phone, so you can practice at any time.  It's such a beautiful course, and packed with everything I could think of on Energetic Hygiene!  I hope you'll check it out. 

What is Energetic Hygiene
As humans, it's really easy to tell when you are physically touching someone else - but what about when you are energetically entangled? 

If you feel like you are a sensitive person, or have ever felt drained from certain people or situations, then you definitely want to check it out.

Energetic Hygiene has completely changed my life, and I know it will change yours too.  If you are an entrepreneur, healer, or a creative it is imperative that you have a strong foundation in Energetic Hygiene and do the practices regularly to avoid burnout.  Do it for yourself, and your clients.  The world needs your magic! 

What's new in your world my love?  Please comment or email me to let me know!  How was this full moon for you?  Have you noticed yourself becoming more sensitive?

It is my deepest honor to be able to connect with you, and build this magical community, so that we may rise together, sharing our gifts and inspiring one another to live more deeply and more fully in the light.  

With all of my heart,