I have found my Wild Woman

Rachael Lenora Webb

I have found my wild woman. I felt for so long that there was something wrong with me because I didn't identify with the archetype of the wild woman. 

The images that I saw were someone who was very much of the earth: running with wolves, collecting herbs, dancing in the forest naked, obsessed with her menstrual cycle and the moon - and I just couldn't get down with that. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with it, it just doesn't resonate with me. But I kept hearing over and over that I should access my wild woman, and I felt so frustrated.

But the other night, I was floating in the bathtub, and she came to me. 

MY wild woman. 

She is the galactic priestess, astral, psychedelic, and psychic. She can see and manipulate the geometric web of light running throughout the cosmos. 

She is a genetic scientist, with vast wisdom of the cosmic intelligence that resides within the human molecular structure. She is the quantum shaman, able to access other worlds, dimensions, and planes of reality. 

She is older than time itself, but keeps a youthful sense of humor that gives the coyote a run for his money. She is curious and kind, gracious and benevolent, able to shift the vibration of an entire room with one... conscious... exhale...

She is a shapeshifter, maneuvering between the fabric of time and space, appearing simultaneously exotic and familiar. 

She lives within me, and without. I felt her when I was a child, then she seemed more like a fairy queen. But now she has matured, bringing with her the wisdom of technology and higher consciousness. 

I still have much to learn from her. But I am so grateful that she revealed herself so clearly as I lie there, floating in the bathwater.