Welcome to my new website!

Why the change?

A while back, I was looking at my old website www.LucentAlchemy.com, and just feeling into the energy of it, and although I felt it worked really well, the metaphor of Alchemy felt a little heavy - I felt like most of the website was spent on explaining the metaphor.  I wanted something a little lighter, and a little more... me.  Back in April when we had that Grand Cross astrological alignment, I took my crystals & went to the park to journal - I needed to figure some stuff out.  I felt like the energy of my practice was something more similar to medicine for your soul... so I wrote that down.  After a brief meditation, I looked back at the page and heard the word "Star" so I wrote that down....Soul Star Medicine!  As you can see, I've been working on this for a while now.  Sitting with it, feeling it.  And if you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen some of the rebranding process.  I try to sit in the seat of transformation as often as I can.  I wanted to create a place where I felt save to change, to transform, to explore all of the different spiritual practices & healing modalities that I love.  Which is also why I didn't "launch" as most people do.  I just let it trickle out bit by bit.  The idea of having a launch day  -where I say to the world "Hey this is ME!" sounds absolutely terrifying - if only because the definition of what is ME changes so frequently, I'd hate for anybody to think that I was either this way or that way.  If anything, I am evolving.  Ever transforming.  Getting better and better at breaking the rules - doing things MY way.  Finding the voice in my integrity.  

And now, you, beautiful star beings, are getting the first look.  I present it to you unfinished because you (who are coming here via Instagram or Facebook, or some other way in which we are already connected) are and have been, an integral part of my growth process, and I want to share this final stretch with you.  (And this just feel so much more spiritually aligned with were I am now, I couldn't keep it to myself any longer!)  :)   I humbly welcome any and all feedback you may have.  

Love & Light, 

ps  - before this blog, I was using my Tumblr, so if you're wanting more check it out!