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Group Sound Healing

Lumeria Sound Bath on Tuesday nights

We are so excited to be sharing the potent medicine of sound and song with you for this magical Sound Healing every Tuesday at Lumeria Maui! By coming together in cosmic collaboration, we are balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within all of us. 

Gifting yourself this opportunity to receive this sacred Sound Healing experience can assist in un-blocking the natural flow of energy in our bodies, helping to restore our vitality and strength. It also brings the mind to a centered and positive meditative state, which increases your ability to make empowered decisions in your life. 

The event features: one 32" Paiste Gong (sometimes 2!), 9 Tibetan Singing Bowls, 7 Crystal Singing Bowls (432hz, perfect pitch), 3 Koshi Chimes, and Rachael's channelled angelic/galactic singing. 

Every Tuesday from 6:15-8pm (Ceremony begins at 6:30pm)
$15 cash only at the door.

Location and What to Bring
The event is held at Lumeria's Yoga Shala building. Bolsters, mats, and blankets are provided by the yoga space for the first 20 people. Because we sometimes go over 20 people, we recommend bringing your yoga mat, blanket and pillow if that's easy for you to do. This will help everyone to be cozy and comfortable when laying down or sitting up during the event.

Event Parking
There is a parking lot in the field behind the yoga shala at Lumeria. Please park there. Go to the right as you come in through the gate and around the round-about. Follow the check-in sign. After you turn right you go around the spa building and then turn left into the field. Please drive slowly as you pass the spa building. Mahalo!

Sound Bath Program
**Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can begin on time**
15 min - Opening guided meditation and intention setting
15 min - Gong Sound Bath
15 min - Singing Bowl Sound Bath
5-8 min - Rachael sharing the Light Language Tones
15 min - 2nd Gong bath + Koshi chimes
10 min - Guided meditation
5-8 min - Rachael sharing a channelled song
5 min - Silent meditation and Closing

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday! 
- Rachael & Mikaya

Private Sound Healings for Individuals or Couples

Come visit our private Sound Healing Sanctuary in Haiku!  My partner Mikaya and I offer Private Sound Healings that include a 32" Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Chimes, Channeled Light Language Toning, Aroma AcuPoint Therapy and Energy Healing.  Each ceremony is unique and completely customized to your needs and intentions.  Please contact us for details and booking.  

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Personal Retreats

Coming soon!