Module 3

Homework assignments for this module:

Download:  Energetic Signature Worksheet

1.  Complete the above Energetic Signature exploration and guided meditation.  You can print it out the worksheet, or use it as a guide while you write in your journal.  

2.  AFTER completing the Energetic Signature worksheet, create a Pinterest board for gathering and exploring images that feel like the energy you cultivated through the exercises on the worksheet.  You can also search in the Facebook group to see examples of others Energetic Signature boards. 

3. Post your Energetic Signature Pinterest in the Facebook group to receive feedback from others and add to everyone's creative process.  

The Energetic Signature work is some of the most powerful work for both you own sense of clarity around personal identity for yourself and your business.  You can expect to continue to play and iterate on it for many (many) months.  It is a wonderful process of discovery and activation, and many people say it's their favorite part of the course!

Module 4

Homework assignments for this module:


1. Post those selfies! Don't be shy. If you need support call on your tribe by using the hashtag #theenergeticsofinstagram or #magictribe. 

2. Decide whatever it is you are going to use as your "every 5th photo" and give that a good go. Try it out at least 6 times and see what happens on your feed, notice how it feels. 

3. Start editing your photos in alignment with your Energetic Signature. Try this process for 9 photos and see how you feel - notice what happens with your engagement levels.  

4. Post at least 1 photo where you use at least 2 apps to edit it. 

Remember one of the most important things you should always do before you take any pictures!  The golden rule: always remember to clean your lens, or at least check it to make sure it is clean, before you take any photos!  A dirty lens can make the difference between a high-quality beautiful photo that commands attention, and one that is so blurry and pixelated that people wonder what you were thinking. 

Module 5

Questions to contemplate:  What are some fun and creative ways you can gather new photos and images this week?  Can you schedule some time for some mini photoshoots?  How can you integrate this part of the creative process into your life in a way that feels nourishing and inspiring?

When do you notice your audience is most active? 

What are your posting goals per day?  Per week?  

How can you push yourself to edge into sharing a bit more?  How can you make it a game so it's fun for you?

Questions?  Come on over to the Facebook group and ask away! 

Onward to the next section!