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Welcome to the online course for The Energetics of Instagram!  I am SO happy you are here!  I believe that by creating a space in which you can learn to share on social media in a beautiful, authentic, empowering way, we can use this platform to create powerful change in our world.  I am so grateful that you want that too!  

In this course you will find 7 instructional videos, homework assignments to help you integrate the information, a bonus interview with Achintya Devi of @goddess_rising, and some of my favorite additional resources for using Instagram to #letyourmagicout.  You will also have the support of our online community through the Facebook group, which includes everyone who took the class when it was a live small-group coaching program!  

Remember, you can also tap into the community on Instagram through the hashtags: #theenergeticsofinstagram (note the "the"), #soulstarmermaidtribe, #soulstardragontribe, #soulstarunicorntribe - and YOU get to decide which tribe you want to connect into.  Are you feeling more mermaid, more dragon, or more unicorn?  Simply begin using and exploring that hashtag.  Everyone is waiting to welcome you into this magical way of relating through social media. Together we are creating a new paradigm of conscious, loving connection, where you can feel safe to let your magic out!

You'll see the three Module sections in the buttons above (each containing multiple modules).  The information here is presented in sequential order, so please don't skip around.  

Since you have lifetime access to this course, you'll also be receiving new links when it gets updated.  I am already brimming with ideas of how to make it even better, but the Angels said the information needed to get out now!  If you have any questions related to the content of the course, please ask them in the Facebook group.  Any issues/questions about myself, the structure of the course, or ideas for improvement need to be sent to me directly at info@soulstarmedicine.com, or submitted on the form at the end of the course.  I am adamant about keeping the container of the Facebook group focused on the improvement of everyone's experience on Instagram, and any unrelated or inappropriate posts will be removed.  I also reserve the right to remove anyone from the Facebook group who is being disruptive in any way, and your access to the material will be revoked.  I appreciate your understanding.  

Now let's get started! 


Module 1

Module 2

One thing that has often come up in the past when we talk about changing your bio, and really stepping into and owning the magical, powerful version of yourself you know you were meant to be is... "What will other people think?!!  Will they not take me seriously, will they think I'm crazy, will they unfollow me?"  And the honest answer is yes, some people might do those things - AND it has NOTHING to do with you.  When I was stepping more deeply into letting my magic out in a public way, these two videos really helped me make peace with these questions, and gain the confidence I needed to come out of the magic closet: 

This video from Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) has always given me the inspiration and motivation to keep sharing, deeply and vulnerably - and even as counterintuitive as it might seem, sharing the bad with the good is empowering for us all.  


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